Dear Diary,

Nathan Damtew
3 min readFeb 2, 2022


Hmmmm . . . Sounds a little Anne Frank’ish, doesn’t it? Let me ask you a question. Have you ever kept a diary? . . . Okkkaaayy. Do you still keep a diary? or do you know anyone that keeps a diary? . . . No, right? Exactly. I don’t know anyone either. I know my sister used to have one of those lockable diaries where she used to write her tiny little secrets. That was a long time ago tho. It’s so 90’s kids shit. Anna’s diary got published and sold millions of copies. I always wonder what happened to my sister’s tho.

I never kept a diary, but I really wish I did. Would have been such a relief after a long day. It would probably go like, “Dear Diary, she plays too much. She trippin” or “Dear Diary, it is what it is” or “Dear Diary, that was some hella night”. But with a very big ‘B’, I’m neither Anne Frank nor my sister, so I don’t have any business keeping a diary, but I know for sure I wouldn’t last a day if it wasn’t for my timely & very short prayers.

Ever since I started paying for my own gas, Pushing 🅿️, I realized I started praying a lot. . . like a lot lot. . . sometimes at the most random places. Funny how I find myself in that situation. It’s not just the place that I find very random, my prayer itself is random as hell. But of course, all prayers are good prayers, no prayer is too small Psalm 4:20😉. Through time I’ve learnt I have two kinds of prayers. One that usually start with “Dear God” (Formal) and the other starts as a normal conversation just like I’m talking to a friend (Informal).

So. . .

Dear D̶i̶a̶r̶y̶ God,

*Atheist left the chat

Without further ado here are some of the prayers I remember saying

Monday: Early commute to work

Tell me it’s not my car that’s making all these damn noises. Forgive me, didn’t mean to curse, but this car need to pull itself together. Anyways, God, is Monday really necessary? I mean, I’m very grateful to be here and all, but I doubt its necessity. Just saying. As always, help me get through the day. AMEN!

Tuesday: At Work ‘bout to join a meeting with potential investors/partners

Dear God,

You know I don’t ask for much, but I really need you in this. Please, please . . . just please . . . Make these investors believe in me & BeBlocky as much as I believe in You. You know what I mean. AMEN!

Wednesday: Toilet break at a networking event

I mean if Google starts matching people up by their browsing history, You and I both know it will go down as the best online dating website in history. Damn, these toilet seat thoughts hit different sometimes, isn’t that right?. . . Anyways, I know You don’t like violence, but I swear to You, ama start throwing hands if one more person calls me Nathanel or Nati when I’m back out there. AMEN!

Thursday: App Launch Day

Can’t believe it’s happening. Thank you God!

Friday: The very first time my girl showed up wearing Habesha kemis

Dear God,

Forgive me, again!


Saturday: On my way to celebrate my friend’s graduation

You know I’ve always been real with You, just want to let You know it’s ‘bout to go down. Forgive me for what I’m about to sin. May all the waters turn into a wine!


Ngl, a lot went down that night. It’s one for the books.

Sunday: Church

Dear God,

I know I have been a pain in the ass the entire week, but I know You’ve got my back. Bless my country & its people, take care of my family and my friends and last but not least . . . please . . . please. . . LET ME KEEP MY HAIRLINE.


Yours Truly,




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